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CHV Nordvet

AniCura Nordvet is the 5th Veterinary Hospital Center in France and the 1st north of Paris, respecting the quality requirements and safety standards imposed by the National Council of the Order of Veterinarians.

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08 - 505 304 00

1 Delesalle Street, 59110 The Madeleine

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Save money with AniPlan - our preventive care plan

You can now subscribe to preventive care that aims to make your animal feel good and reduce the risk of serious health problems.

The progress of your visit to CHV AniCura Nordvet

As soon as you arrive at the Centre Hospitalier Nordvet de la Madeleine,one of the hostesses will invite you to wait a few moments in the waiting room, while your veterinarian is notified of your presence.

During the consultation, and after examining your pet, diagnostic hypotheses and treatment will be proposed to you. The pharmacy of the clinic will provide you with the necessary medicines for the treatment of your pet.

If necessary, some standard examinations can be carried out immediately in the consultation room. Nevertheless, in the event that more elaborate or time-consuming additional examinations were necessary, they would be carried out as far as possible during the day or during a subsequent hospital appointment.

General veterinary medicine in La Madeleine

For example, an owner may wish to:

  • carry out a health check of your pet as part of a purchase visit,a pre-pubertal or growth visit, or as part of a geriatric assessment;
  • have your cat or dog vaccinated;
  • have it identified (chipped);
  • treat the pet following the appearance of symptoms that he has noticed or have your pet examined following a behavior change a priori unexplained.

Treatments & services

At AniCura CHV Nordvet, we offer the vast majority of care services for dogs and cats!

Time to vaccinate your cat?

You can now subscribe to preventive care that aims to make your animal feel good and reduce the risk of serious health problems.

From the clinic

Recent updates

  • Our sidewalk is open, sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Our intern-specialist just graduated graduated on 17th of March, 2020

  • Important information for our visitors

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